Target Sheet


The ‘target sheet’ was designed to help business owners keep track of monthly, weekly and daily targets. 

This sheet has everything on one page to keep you on track each month to make sure your smashing your goals!

This sheet could also be used as a savings tracker.


How to use the target sheet :

Month - what month it is 

Aim - what you need to earn to survive 

Target - what you want to earn 

Total - what you actually earned that month

Treatment/€€€€ - the treatment you do/ target you want for each of them (divide your price by target to get how many you need to do to hit your target)

Notes - notes to yourself ie. what you need to improve on 

Calendar - write in your days working and days off then, count how many days your working and divide by your target to get your daily target

Mon-Sun/ week 1 - 5 - this is where you break down your working weeks, figure out what days your working each week and write in your daily goal and cross out your days off or leave blank.


Printable & compatible with GoodNotes 5.

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