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Lush Lashes ‘Lash Shampoo Kit’ is designed especially for the care of lash extensions, it super gentle on the eye. Our lash shampoo removes dirt and oils from the eye which helps to reduce the risk of infection & keeps your lashes clean while wearing lash extensions. Our lash shampoo can also be used to on the brows before any brow treatments & on natural lashes before lash appointments to remove all dirt & oils.


While wearing lash extensions you should wash your eyelashes at least once a day!


  • 60ml
  • Brush & spoolie included 

Directions for use : 

  1. Apply pump to your eye 
  2. Massage gently with brush provided
  3. Pat off excess with micro fibre facecloth 
  4. Rinse twice with distilled water to ensure you get remaining product off 
  5. Brush lashes with spoolie and dry with mini fan or let air dry 
  6. Repeat on other eye 


Ingredients :

Ammonium Lauryl ether Salfare, Disodium EDTA,Disadium cocramphodiacetate, Glycerin,
Phenoxyethanol, CAB- 35 CocaMidopropyl Betaine,Water, Fragrance

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